We use email across the QuickBooks ecosystem as an outgoing communication touchpoint to inform, inspire, and empower our customers. Here you’ll find the foundational resources and tools necessary for crafting quality emails for most messaging use cases.

Multilple email components organized together in a diagonal pattern

Visual guidance

When creating emails, use the following guidance to ensure the visual elements are being applied correctly.


Our email guidelines use a narrowed color scheme from our core color palette. The scale below shows how the primary, supplementary, and accent colors should be used in proportion to each other.

Color palette for the email tookit


We use lifestyle illustration to capture customer stories where QuickBooks has made an impact. Illustration is not just decorative—it can take a complex idea and make it easier to understand. It allows us to communicate our product in a way that feels human and fun. 

Spot illustrations are used in email as a single-subject matter. Their color represents its function as a feature, benefit, or support. You can group multiple icons together to describe a feature workflow, but please be sure to not combine feature and benefit functions.


Animated images are a great way to attract attention in an email and draw the eye to a particular piece of content. However, they’re used sparingly so as not to overpower the email. 

Key things to remember:

Animated images must be a GIF file, with a maximum size of 1MB.

GIF files allow for 256 colors, which can make it difficult to recreate photos within animations without a noticeable loss of quality. 

The length of your animation, physical pixel size, and number of colors within the file all impact the file size of your final GIF.

QuickBooks logo against a white and light grey checkered background

Save animated GIFs as transparent files. Make sure you pay attention to the edge ‘matte’.

QuickBooks logo against a white background

The edge ‘matte’ is set to reflect the background it’s designed to sit on. So a light ‘matte’ will look invisible on a light background color.

QuickBooks against a dark blue background with jagged outline

The previously invisible edge ‘matte’ will become visible if the background color changes, resulting in a loss of sharpness around the image.


We want our audience to identify with the images, our customers’ stories, and our brand. By using relevant imagery in emails, our customers can more easily relate to a particular feature or task.

Product expression

Stylized product interfaces, or extracted UI, help customers quickly understand a feature. Combine meaningful imagery and content to highlight a particular benefit.


Typography follows the below guidance. All sizes are fixed and should not be changed; however, colors may be updated when needed to best fit your email design. Please note that headline option 01B is reserved for BAM, or with approval during content office hours. 

Email type scale from body xsmall to headline xlarge

What not to do

Here are some things to avoid to ensure we’re creating the best experience for our customers.

Image of an extra long email

Don’t use too many modules. As a general rule of thumb, keep your email under four components.

Mobile device placed on top of a purple spotlight

Don’t use colors outside the toolkit.

Manage your money in less time in heaver uppercase font

Don’t use headline 01B for headlines without approval from your brand and marketing (BAM) partner.

Woman walking with phone in hand

Don’t use stock photography without approval from your brand and marketing (BAM) partner.

Image with bolt utility illustrations next to greyed out supporting content

Don’t use Bolt utility illustrations. These are reserved for Accountant emails only.

Example with thin font weight headline and bold supporting content

Don’t use font sizes or styles not included in the toolkit.

Image of three different column lengths consisting of an icon, subheadine, and supporting content

Don’t use character counts outside the limits.

Example of a headline and supporting lorem ipsum dummy content

Don’t leave behind lorem ipsum, unorganized files, or mislabeled components and images.

white text showing faintly on a busy background

Don’t overlay headlines on any imagery.

Available libraries

Email 2.0 Toolkit for email
Email Toolkit 2.0

A Figma file with our full email guidelines.

Open in Figma

Different variations of an email header component
HTML Modules

The HTML source for your modules. 

Download HTML files

FY22 brand photography. video clips, and testimonials guide
FY22 QB Brand Photography

Brand approved photos, videos, and testimonials. 

Open in Google Slides

View assets in OIDAM

Have work that’s ready for review?

Come to email office hours to make sure it’s brand-approved. Agencies and external partners welcome.