The QuickBooks Blog is a modern, dynamic destination for premium, relevant content, which reinforces QuickBooks as a business expert, trusted partner, and essential part of the small business journey. Here, you’ll find the essentials needed to bring your blog posts to life. 

Blog article layout examples


We follow all brand guidelines for color use, with some exceptions made for the editorial space in illustration and data visualization elements. Always check with your design lead for guidance and approval when considering color exceptions.

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Voice and tone

Our voice and tone for the blog centers around the people who use our products, and an understanding of who we are: champions for the QuickBooks customer.

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Tips for editorial success:

Use short, concise sentences and paragraphs. Sentence flow and structure should be at a 6th-grade reading level. 

Create first-person stories, written by a person with a distinct point of view, not written by a brand or company.

Hook your readers with a concise point of view and personal story—never simply recite facts or hypotheses.

Whatever your topic/idea is, tie it back to a human story.

Additional illustration resources

For additional information about illustrations and iconography, check out our brand illustration guidelines.

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