The QuickBooks logotype is the main identifier of the brand. It represents the QuickBooks story as a stand-alone element. In visually overwhelming spaces, it also takes a stand against competitors and opposing messaging and must be treated with great care, protecting its integrity at all times.


The basics

Preferred logo

To maintain consistency, we strongly recommend using our primary logo variation whenever possible. In the event that this logo variation is not suitable for your specific use case, please reach out to our brand team for further guidance.

quickbooks preferred logo and alternate logo

Clear space and minimum size

Think of clear space as an invisible space around the logo artwork that protects its legibility and integrity. No visual elements should be placed inside of it. The margin should be half of the height of the QuickBooks symbol. This rule applies to any logo variation.

The minimum size protects the clear legibility of our logotype. The QuickBooks symbol in any logo variation can never be displayed under 16 pixels for digital (at 72dpi)

quickbooks logo spacing and minimum size

Logo variations

While the primary logo should always be your first option, the alternate variations can be used to fit different background colors. There has to be high contrast and the logo should always be perfectly legible. Below are approved background colors and logo combinations. Please note that the black and white logo option should only be used for print purposes and not for digital media.

reversed quickbooks logo in color

Reversed logo in color

black and white quickbooks logo

Black and white logo (single color print only)

reversed quickbooks logo

Reversed logo (single color print only)

quickbooks logo on tofu 100 background


quickbooks logo on ice 100 background


quickbooks logo on fig 120 background


Logo lockups

Use AvenirNext for INTUIT Medium in black for product names. The cap height should be at the 2/3 height of the logo symbol. Product name should always start with the word QuickBooks (for example, QuickBooks Self-Employed).

The proportions are fixed, but placement of the product name is flexible, and will vary by asset and context. Maintaining the minimum distance of 2x from the logo is key.

quickbooks logo and product name lock up specs

What not to do

Don’t alter the QuickBooks logo in any way.

Below are some examples of what not to do with the QuickBooks logo in order to protect its integrity.

quickbooks logo symbol only

Don’t separate the symbol from the type treatment of the mark.

quickbooks logo on top of a photo that is really busy

Don’t place the logo on a background pattern, busy image, or illustration.

quickbooks logo with payroll added as a lock up

Don’t add a product name with the logo.

quickbooks in a pill shape

Don’t put the QuickBooks logo in a containing shape.

quickbooks logo on green background is not accessible

Don’t place the logo on a green background, as this is against our accessibility guidelines.

quickbooks logo on a pink background that is not approved

Don’t place the logo on a solid background color that isn’t approved. 


QuickBooks symbol

In space-constrained assets (social media platforms, in product, app icons, and so on), the QuickBooks symbol can be separated from the wordmark. 

social media, in product, app icon can use qb symbol only

Social media platforms

qb symbol only in product

In QuickBooks product 

qb symbol only in app icon

App icon

Downloadable assets

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