We use video content to tell stories about business owners, their teams, and our products. Video creation guidelines are different based on the subject or the placement of the video.


We use video content to tell stories about business owners, their teams, and our products. Video creation guidelines are different based on the subject or the placement of the video.

The basics

QuickBooks videos can be used for social, web, TV, events, educational purposes, and more. Most videos fall into one of the 6 groups below.

Brand campaign

Top-of-funnel brand and awareness-focused films where product plays a supporting role in the overarching message.

Brand campaign example

Product campaign 

Top-of-funnel, brand-forward films with product focus.

Customer testimonial

Focused on customer stories, their businesses, and how QuickBooks fits in.

Customer testimonial example

Customer videos

If the video is customer-focused, QuickBooks is not the main subject of the story. Cinematography, music, editing, minimal design, and motion graphics drive brand resonance while keeping the focus on people.

image of a woman holding a phone in a retail store


Create rich and honest frames that highlight people and spotlight our customer, while edge lights enhance the space around them. This helps capture the feeling of single-source lighting. 

image of a man below and a photo grid overlay

Shot composition

Frame interview and action shots using golden composition, favoring the center of frame, to keep the story and action in the viewer’s line of sight. Use subtle and organic movement.

close up image of a woman’s hand holding a mobile phone with receipt added on the screen

Interaction with product

Our preferred product representation is on a device. Shoot clean device plates for 45 seconds to allow enough time for product motion to be added in post.

image of a man looking at his phone on the right and a quickbooks UI on the left notifying him money deposited instantly

Juxtaposed with product

Product components can be pulled out or juxtaposed next to the customer.

Product videos

Product-focused videos show benefits and provide step-by-step guidance for our customers. Our marketing videos build confidence, while demos and tutorials drive ongoing use.

a laptop with quickbooks screen on display

Comp product screens into devices in the hands (or in front) of customers, using footage from customer story videos. 

a mobile device with quickbooks screen on display

Comp product screens into devices in environment, using camera movements and close-ups to carry the story forward. 

quickbooks dashboard screen mocked up in an illustrated laptop

Show the product inside illustrated devices or browser containers over the neutral background. 

a customer interacting with the quickbooks on a laptop

When showing customers interacting with our product, open on a customer to establish the scene and spend 80% of the video focused on the product. Comp product screen into the device.

a close up of a mobile device centered in the photo grid overlay

Compose in central framing, making it easy for the viewer to follow the action and understand the functionality and benefits of the product. Use close-ups to emphasize product moments.

cropped image of a quickbooks dashboard with a cursor on screen

Browser or mobile interactions should be shown using close-ups. Use animated cursor for browser if needed.

On-screen graphics

On-screen graphics should be minimal and clean, so the focus remains on our customers or products. Use titles, inlays, and lower thirds to enhance the story. Graphics may enter and exit the frame based on defined motion patterns.

Title cards

Use clean text over b-roll footage to accurately reflect the subject matter based on video type. Padding between logo and title is 40px. Not all videos require a title card. 

Text: White or Pepper-120 (#21262A) in Bold 152/156, sentence case.

Motion: entrance at 0.00, 0.00, 0.20, 1.00, exit at 0.80, 0.00, 1.00, 1.00

image of a woman’s hands reaching into a purse with video UI on top

Voice & tone

Video scripts should be written in our QuickBooks voice and tone, and reflect our 3 voice attributes: warm, confident, and genuine. Below, you’ll find some tips on how to write effective scripts.

Design for your call to action

Define the action you want your audience to take after viewing the video. Ideally, your content encourages viewers to sign up, use a feature, download our app, etc. CTAs should appear as on-screen text adhering to interstitial title design guidelines.

Answer one question

Communicate the main idea to your audience. Get specific about the takeaway, whether it’s task completion, feature capability, or how QuickBooks fits into their lives.

Brevity goes a long way

Keep your script as short as possible. If it feels like you’re squeezing in too many ideas, instructions, or benefits, you probably are. Consider creating another video that picks up where this one leaves off.  

Writing product video scripts

The QuickBooks video voice is a proactive champion. We speak directly to the viewer in an aspirational but relatable way. We write our scripts the way people speak—with common contractions and no filler words. We never make assumptions about the viewer.

  • Write in active voice.
  • Favor simple tenses.
  • Be precise and definitive.
  • Use everyday contractions.
  • Write conversationally. For example, it’s OK to end sentences with prepositions.

Don’t overuse exclamations.

Don’t ask rhetorical questions.

Don’t include fillers (uh, ah, um), unnecessary pauses, or slang.

Don’t make assumptions or speak for the viewer.

Don’t get specific in ways that could alienate the viewer.

What not to do

a mobile device with a case

Don’t use accessories (like a phone case) that are visually distracting.

image of a man with “inventory tracking” over his face

Don’t put graphics over customer faces or shots where the customer is the focus.


Don’t use dark emotional lighting without purpose or over-light the scene to create flat-looking shots.

a mobile device with quickbooks screen on display

Don’t shoot QuickBooks product on a device on set. The screen should be comped in post.

a man’s hand holding an iphone with parts of the phone highlighted

Don’t show inaccurate or altered product screens inside of real, recognizable, name-brand devices.

a woman’s hand holding a mobile device with “keep track of your expenses” overlay on top of the image

Don’t add text or other design elements on top of product visuals.

Downloadable assets

Here are the assets you’ll need to get started.

2 illustrated mobile phones in 2different angles
image of a woman in a dark environment with dark shadow

On-screen graphics

Download graphic assets

Have work that’s ready for review?

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