Avenir Next for Intuit is the official primary font for QuickBooks. It’s timeless, yet modern and contemporary, with a large x-height and accurate proportions.

Weight and see

Guiding principles


We ensure consistency by having fewer font sizes available. If you ever see a font size that’s not represented here, select the nearest value according to the hierarchical requirements in your design.

Clear visual hierarchy

Good typography doesn’t need many style changes to create clear hierarchies. Aim for no more than 3-5 weights on any given page.

Type scale

All elements in our design system need to fit on a 4-pixel design grid. We measure typography by box bounding. Make sure to enter the type size and line height to get the right sizing.

The basics

Manage it all from one place with capital M

Sentence case

We use sentence case in all of our content by default. This means we capitalize only the first letter of a sentence, and the rest of the words in the sentence begin with lowercase letters, unless they’re proper nouns.

showing the word article in all caps in a  blue badge

All caps

All caps can be used, but must be used thoughtfully so it doesn’t seem like we’re yelling at our audience. It’s acceptable to use all caps for short headlines (no more than 5 words) or for emphasis of key benefits.

cashflow is king in avenir heavy and in all caps

Avenir Heavy

We use Avenir Heavy font weight exclusively for all caps. It’s meant for those use cases when big visual or messaging impact is needed.

there’s an easier way to cut checks with easier way highlighted in green


A pop of color can be used to emphasize important messages. Colored fonts should always be accessible. The emphasis should always be on a user benefit, should be limited to 2 words max, and should only be used on positive words and phrases.

What not to do

Manage it all from one place in sentence case and heavy font

Don’t use Avenir Heavy font weight for sentence case text.

5 ways to make your supply chain more sustainable in all caps

Don’t use all caps for long headlines.

Image of a sentence showing the emphasis on the word QuickBooks.

Don’t emphasize QuickBooks.

Save 3 hours ever day for creative thinking in light green

Don’t use inaccessible or illegible colors for text.

example of descender touching ascender in a sentence

Avoid having descenders and ascenders touching.

white text showing faintly on a busy background

Don’t place text on busy backgrounds.

an image of letter a and letter b
Font libraries

Get the full set of Avenir for Intuit fonts.

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