Our photographic style is optimistic and authentic. It highlights real QuickBooks customers, bookkeepers, or accountants in their own environments. Real people, real stories, real pride. 

Female make-up artist smilingFemale make-up artist smiling

Makeup artist

Lateisha Grant

Guiding principles

We tell real customer stories through emotive and engaging photography. Our library captures moments of a typical work day. A mix of hard work—quiet, focused, alone, or with others.


Spotlight unique and diverse personalities in a realistic, relatable, and contextual way.


Celebrate the beautifully diverse spectrum of our customers and their businesses.

Visually dynamic

Capture the individuality of spaces, the energy of human interactions, and unexpected moments using distinctive camera angles.

The basics

Our image libraries have many assets, and since photography is almost always matched with messaging, choosing the right image is critical.

two women small business owners and a man in a warehouse having a conversation

Clearly communicate the type of business, industry, or affiliation with QuickBooks.

quickbooks receipt capture screen in a mobile device

Devices in images need to showcase a QuickBooks product or feature.

Images of business owners looking at the camera should be used with testimonials or articles about them.

What not to do

woman sitting in a chair looking at her mobile device with flipped text behind her on a wall

Don’t flip images that can cause devices to look incorrectly manufactured, or text to look mirrored.

text overlapping on a man’s face in a layout

Don’t place copy or other visual elements over people’s faces.

image of two construction workers looking down

Don’t cover or crop out what people are doing in images.

image of a man covered by heavy gradient

Don’t add heavy gradient overlays.

desaturated image of a man and a woman in a store

Don’t use filters.

an illustration in a circle on top of a lifestyle photo

Don’t put illustrations over images.

image placed in a trapezoid shape

Don’t crop images in shapes other than rectangle, square, or circle.

Stock photography

We prioritize the use of our brand image libraries, but we’re also aware that they don’t cover all use cases. If necessary, you can use stock images—but they have to be close to our overall look and feel and adhere to our photography guidelines.

What not to do

Don’t use over-processed or blurry images.

Don’t place the business owners in a setting that doesn’t reflect their business.

Don’t use images that look too casual or unprofessional.

Don’t show environments that look sloppy or messy.

Don’t use stock images of people pointing at computers.

Don’t use images that are overly staged or contrived (for example, people acting happy or environments being too polished).

Available libraries

Here are the image libraries with the assets and guidelines you’ll need to get started.

two business men looking straight at camera

Small businesses

These libraries feature real small businesses.

2024 photography guidelines and assets

2023 photography guidelines and assets

woman sitting at a desk wit her laptop looking straight at camera

QuickBooks Live Experts

Image libraries featuring real QuickBooks Live expert bookkeepers.

2023 photography guidelines and assets

woman working at a desk


An image library featuring real accountants who use QuickBooks.

Accountant photography guidelines and assets

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