We use lifestyle illustration to highlight customer stories where QuickBooks has made an impact. Illustration is more than just decorative—it can take a complex idea and make it easier to understand. It allows us to showcase our product in a way that feels human and fun.

A female farmer planting plants.

Guiding principles


Illustrations tell customer stories by depicting their craft and aspirations through thoughtfully conveyed ideas. They should never be used just for decoration.


Active, organic, and approachable illustrations drive emotion and create connections. They represent more than just customer journeys—they also represent the QuickBooks brand. 


Illustrations guide users and help communicate important messages. Use them sparingly to provide clarity and context without taking away from the message.

Character set

Our character illustrations represent our diverse customers and their industries. Each character illustration has its own personality, conveyed by physical features, outfits, and accessories.

The illustrations shown here are just some of the characters available. You can access the full set of characters from the One Intuit Digital Asset Management (OIDAM) system, or request an illustration.

a group of 6 illustrations with various characters

The basics


Diversity is a cornerstone of the QuickBooks brand. We’ve added specific colors to our brand palette to represent the range of diversity in skin tones and hair colors. 

4 illustrations of the same character with different color skin tone

Cropping is allowed when there are spacing constraints. Use the spotlight to crop and frame an illustration.

To preserve the integrity of the original illustrations, we allow cropping, but not scaling.

3 illustrations to showcase how one full illustration can be cropped
Mix and match

Our characters can be customized with different skin tones, hairstyles, clothing, accessories, physical abilities, poses, background scenes, and spotlight colors.

4 illustrations to showcase various scenes, clothing, hairstyles to represent diversity and inclusion
Color palette

We use the full Intuit color palette in our lifestyle illustrations.

an image of color palette used in lifestyle illustrations
Background scenes and spotlight usage

  • Spotlight behind the character is optional and should be used to create contrast with the background when necessary. It is not mandatory for every illustration.

  • Light and dark mode spotlights have appropriate color values that allow them to recede into the background. Ice-110 should be used on white backgrounds, Kale-110 should be used for dark mode.

  • Details (ie. lamp, sticky notes) can be added to the spotlight to provide more context to the environment of the illustration, but they should be monochromatic. This is so we can prevent visual clutter and maintain clarity for the primary subject in the foreground. Details are also optional.
4 illustrations that shows different color backgrounds

Spot illustrations

Spot illustrations provide clarity and context, and are used for marketing purposes only. They help establish visual hierarchy by highlighting features and benefits.

Our feature & benefit spot illustrations come in 2 color options, Kiwi and Agave. Our preferred color choice is Agave. Certain countries use Kiwi as their preferred color for market fit reasons. Make sure to check with your local design lead for color guidance. All illustrations sit inside a 76px by 76px circle container. 

Don’t use both colors. Stick to the one color that’s specific to your geographic region.

Don’t use illustrations out of the circle container. Use the original size of each illustration in order to maintain line weight. 

Don’t use in combination with Lifestyle illustrations. 

Don’t use as a clickable element.

3 examples of features spot illustrations and 3 benefits spot illustrations


Marketing and product usage

Lifestyle illustrations are used as storytelling elements, primarily for marketing and product. In-product lifestyle illustrations can be used for first-time use cases, non-filtered results or zero states, and in-product discovery. 

All illustrations should capture the overall theme of the content. Use them sparingly to provide clarity and context to enhance the message.

2 lifestyle illustrations used in an email
1 lifestyle illustration in product
1 lifestyle illustrations used in web
1 lifestyle illustrations used in quickbooks payments

What not to do

photo of a man and a woman looking at a laptop with an illustration overlay on top of photo

Don't use photos with illustrations.

showing qblive experts in illustrations

Don't use illustrations to represent live experts. 

illustration of a woman pointing at a laptop with real quickbooks dashboard screen.

Don't combine illustration with video thumbnails and product UI.

illustration of a man holding a phone with product ui pop up

Don't include text or numbers with illustration.

illustration with a yellow spotlight

Don't change spotlight colors. Use approved spotlight colors only.

4 illustrations showing 1 illustration in different style

Don’t mix and match different illustration styles. Be mindful of context and usage.

illustration of a car on the road

Don't use objects by themselves (without people) to tell a story.

4 characters with different props next to each other

Don't randomly mix and match characters and items. Ensure characters and scenes work together to tell a cohesive story. 

an illustration of a person on a green motorcyle on a bright blue background

Don't put illustrations on strong color backgrounds.

Available libraries

Here are the illustration libraries with the assets and guidelines you’ll need to get started. Can't find what you need? Request a new illustration.

an illustration of a man and a woman

Lifestyle illustrations

Download assets

a spot illustration on the left and 2 industry illustrations on the right

Spot illustrations

Download assets

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