IPDs should provide a seamless experience with the rest of the product. To achieve this, they need to sound and behave like the product. By surfacing hyper-relevant content tailored to that specific customer at a given moment they should generate an even more meaningful experience. Here are some examples of patterns as used in-product.

In-product discovery Tips card example

Third-party tips card

In-product discovery guided tour video example

Guided video tour

In-product discovery bottom drawer example

Bottom drawer: splash

In-product discovery unlock button example


In-product discovery mobile-ready gradient promo banner  example

Mobile-ready gradient promo banner

In-product discovery notifications tray example

Notifications tray

Available libraries

Here you'll find libraries and toolkits containing the assets and guidelines you will need to get started.

Creative playbook for in-product discovery
IPD Creative Playbook

Guidance for creating successful IPD.

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Figma pattern library for in-product discovery
IPD Pattern Library

Ready-to-use IPD patterns and templates.

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