photo of sandy road with sign saying passable by 4-wheel drive only
Letting go of the steering wheel

There’s a backcountry off-road route through the US from the Mexico border up to Canada. That’s 2,727 miles of dirt, mud, rocks, and bumps that add up to one hell of a ride.

Product design your dinner like a pro

Somewhere between lists of pricey ingredients, pop-up video ads for things I don’t need, and thinking about ordering take-out again and bruising my wallet, I admit defeat. I’m completely over this dinner problem.

illustration of person looking at dashboard of data
Making accounting matter to designers at Intuit

If you randomly selected a highly trained designer and asked them to create a workflow for “bank reconciliations,” it’s unlikely they would know where to start, no matter how experienced they are. But at Intuit, designers have to live in that world.