Should I be a unicorn?

While everyone may want a “unicorn designer,” it’s important to think about the implications of this idea on the designer-developer relationship.

Making others win

As designers, we all have superpowers. As a design leader, it’s my job to draw those superpowers out, both from individuals and from teams.

Designers are meant to be loved, not to be understood.

Margaret Oscar, designer
illustration of person looking at dashboard of data
Making accounting matter to designers at Intuit

If you randomly selected a highly trained designer and asked them to create a workflow for “bank reconciliations,” it’s unlikely they would know where to start, no matter how experienced they are. But at Intuit, designers have to live in that world.

Product design your dinner like a pro

Somewhere between lists of pricey ingredients, pop-up video ads for things I don’t need, and thinking about ordering take-out again and bruising my wallet, I admit defeat. I’m completely over this dinner problem.